Your Show On EMC Radio

Electronic Music Café SHOW Outline

The Electronic Music Cafe Radio Network is open for NEW SHOW Submissions! If you have a Mix SHOW, Album Spotlight, Top 10 Countdown, Talk Show, etc. please submit the following:

  1. DEMO via a streaming Link on ONLY (no downloads please).
  2. Complete the “ELECTRONIC MUSIC CAFE DJ/PERFORMER CONSENT FORM” on this page below.

SHOWS DO NOT need to be a MIX. You can feature individual songs, or Talk, interview, etc. in your shows. You can also have Guest DJs as well.

  • Individual SONGS or TRACKS must be delivered as 128k MP3s and tagged this way: Artist Name – Song Title.mp3. Please deliver them in a ZIP folder.
  • MIX Shows must also be delivered as 128k MP3, under 57 minutes or under in lengths and tagged this way: DJ Name – Mix Title and Date.mp3.
  • You MUST also record an Intro and Outro (as a 128k MP3) for the spotlight such as:

*INTRO: “This is (your label name) and today we are featuring our top releases on the Electronic Music Cafe Radio Network. We hope you enjoy!”

*OUTRO: “Thanks for listening to the (your label name) Spotlight! For more info, please visit our web site (URL). Thanks to the Electronic Music Cafe Radio Network for allowing us to share our music with you!”

SHOW DELIVERY: Your SHOW must be delivered at least 24 hours in advance of your timeslot to the designated DROPBOX folder!

*These are only examples of Intros and Outros. You can use your own ideas must they must ALWAYS incorporate “the ELECTRONIC MUSIC CAFE RADIO NETWORK” in them!

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