Create Your Own Station

The Electronic Music Café is building the world’s first syndicated streaming radio network where anyone can own their own station. Think of it as a Pandora that you can program exactly the music you want to broadcast to friends, family, supporters, music enthusiasts and random listeners around the world via the internet, or Android device and more. Now available is an APP for iPad and iPhone that will take them directly to the EMC Syndication network and your station! RADIO LOYALTY APP Download

And here is the best part:

Our Network allows you to stream your radio station to the world with no monthly costs associated. There’s only a one-time setup charge of $100, the cost of buying a license for SAM Broadcaster software (free trial for the first 30 days, $300 to purchase a license thereafter) and a PC to run the station, software and stream from. We are having PC streaming units built that will meet all of the requirements of our network.

What we need from YOU:

  • Name of Channel
  • Logo (300 x 100 pixels)
  • Web Site URL

What YOU warrant and are responsible for:

  • You are owner of the content that is streaming. Electronic Music Café and its affiliates/partners share no responsibility for your content and programming.
  • Any royalty payments to performance rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Sound


The Agreement
There is an initial term of six (6) months. Thereafter, the agreement renews every 30 days. You can cancel by 30 day written notice at anytime.

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Can I use my Personal Home Computer or Laptop?
No, you cannot use any computer that is already used for something else. The radio station software and programming must be the ONLY thing running at all times.

How much programming content do I need?
You can have as much or as little programming as you wish. Obviously, the more you have the more people will be interested. You can have repeat programming daily while inserting specific shows or mixes at your choice. SAM Broadcaster allows you to auto play your content the way you want, when you want.

Who is responsible for payments to Performance Rights Organizations?
Each Radio Station is responsible for performance payments to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and Sound Exchange. The Songwriters, Publishers and now Musicians/Vocalists are the copyrighted owners of the songs you will be playing. As such, the public performance of their material must be licensed. You can find out more by visiting the following web sites:

Why are there no streaming costs?
Our deal with Jetcast allows us to eliminate the monthly bandwith and streaming costs.

Will there be Advertisements running on my station?
Yes, but the ads are non-intrusive. When a listener first signs on he/she will view and listen to a mandatory ad before your Programming content runs. Any subsequent ads can be muted so that listeners can keep enjoying your programming without interruption.

How do I get paid?
Based on the amount of listeners your station achieves in a given month, ad revenue will be calculated, and payment sent to you via Electronic transmission (PayPal, etc.).
More info: Revenue Generator Outline

How do I get more info about the streaming service?
You can visit for more info.

How do I get more info about the Ad Streams?
You can visit

How long will it take for my station to go on-air?
Your station can be setup and ready to broadcast within a matter of minutes provided that you have the hardware (computer), software (SAM Broadcaster, etc.) and content programmed and ready to go. If you don’t already have a station Logo, we will have one created for you and sized to the specs needed.

What will I receive from Electronic Music Café for setup?
We will email you the Server IP, Encoder setup, Port #, Password, Mount Electronic Music Café’s Syndicated Radio Network Outline

How do I promote my station?
Social networking has enabled many businesses to connect to fans and supporters, but running a station requires even more. Here is an out line of how to get your station listed in station guides all over the world:

OK, this sounds wonderful. How do I get started?
Our online agreement is just below. Fill it out and SUBMIT. Someone will respond within 24 hours with your setup info.

For Inquiries or Questions: @ElecMusicCafe