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Welcome to the STATION info page. Here you will find information on the Electronic Music Cafe Syndicated Radio Network. We are a live streaming station specializing in MUSIC with SOUL. If it doesn’t have substance, is not well produced and takes you on a journey, it will not be played here! This is what sets us apart from the other House, Electronic and Popular Music stations. We play a variety of songs from all genres. If it’s good, we play it…PERIOD!

We offer SONG and MIX Features for DJs, Artists, Producers and Labels, as well as the ability to have your own station through our network! To find out more and to get it in, click one of the Links below:

1.) Have Your SONG/MIX Featured
2.) Label or Artist Spotlight
3.) Program & Promote A Station
4.) How To Start Your Own Radio Station
5.) Show Signup

If you just want to see the:

Or you want to:
SUBMIT your MUSIC for ROTATION consideration

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