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If you’re an ARTIST, DJ, PERFORMER, PRODUCER, LABEL, BUSINESS OWNER or ANYONE looking to PROMOTE your COMPANY or PRODUCT we’ve got the ANSWER right here! A good Promotion Campaign includes VIRAL MARKETING. It takes a relay of information to spread the word and GAIN FOLLOWERS, fans and supporters. That’s what we initiate and build here.

Our SOCIAL NETWORK INTEGRATION SYSTEM will BLAST your POST once per week to receive 150,000+ Impressions guaranteed on FaceBook, MySpace, Google, Twitter (5 different accounts totaling 100,000+ followers) and more! As an added incentive, our ReTweets are second to none, so the number of impressions can double or triple! In addition, we will build followers on your Twitter account** and post timely messages announcing whatever you are currently marketing ALL for $5*. That’s right, only $5 (five US dollars) per month (minimum 6 month commitment). That’s only $1.25 (one dollar, 25 cents) per week or .16 (16 cents) per day. With each post you will reach amazing impressions!

SIGN UP NOW to get your 24 hour TRIAL for $1 (one dollar)!

Marketing Options (per week)
Twitter Builder
Twitter ID
Message 2 Blast (include Link)

*$5 per month for 1 blast per week, additional blasts per week are $3 each per month.
**Twitter building is ongoing as long as you keep the service.

YouTube Marketing Production/Promotion

Would you like to have your SONG or VIDEO soar to the top of YouTube? We will personally and directly send your video to 40,000 Music Lovers & Subscribers on YOUTUBE which will generate no less than 20,000 Views and some amazing Comments, Likes and Reviews. The cost of this service is only $120. We will also feature your track weekly for 1 month on the Electronic Music Cafe Radio Network, send out short messages to 100 FaceBook Music Groups, and blast Tweets via 5 Twitter IDs (totalling 75,000 Followers), which will generate over 300,000+ impressions weekly.

You can try a TRIAL VERSION of this Service for only $25 which gets you a 1 time feature on EMC Radio and 24 hours marketing on YouTube, FaceBook Groups, Linked In, MySpace and Twitter totalling 200,000+ impressions (Twitter Building not included)…

Marketing Options (per week)
Twitter Builder
Twitter ID
Message 2 Blast (include Link)

There’s no other Marketing company that can give you all of this at such a small price. Try us and see!

Everyone needs promotion, so if you have a friend or colleague that needs our services refer us and if they signup we’ll give you 3 months free!


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Each new FOLLOWER will be entered at level 20 on the LIST. Everytime you ReTweet one of our Tweets you will be moved up the list. The more ReTweets you do, the closer you get to VIP status. VIP STATUS is achieved when you reach the #1 position. When you become VIP, you will receive your own Publicity Blog Page that will instantly receive over 100,000 impressions the second it is published!

VIP Status

You can BUY your way to VIP Status with only ONE ReTWEET and $5! Click below and we will IMMEDIATELY place you at the #1 POSITION!

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