Thank You! Your business is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for Subscribing to the PAY per PLAY FEATURED SONG PACKAGE. Your SONG will be FEATURED within 24 (twenty four) hours. Tomorrow your Paypal account will begin to be billed weekly at the ROTATION rate you chose and the payee will show as NOIZ Ltd.

Please deliver your SONG via our Sound Cloud Drop Box now:

Send us your sounds

If you have any questions EMAIL us at: Sales[at]ElectronicMusicCafe[dot]com

Please Note the following:

1.) If you have problems delivering your SONG please EMAIL us at: Sales[at]ElectronicMusicCafe[dot]com

2.) If you chose HEAVY ROTATION you will receive the following:

a.) an INTRO announcing your song as follows: “Coming up next [your song name] by [your artist name] on the Electronic Music Cafe Radio Network! After the song is played you will receive a back announcement which says “That was [your song name] by [your artist name] on the Electronic Music Cafe Radio. Network.”

Identification helps to increase sales and recognition through repetition.

b.) a 10 SECOND COMMERCIAL, which will give one or two key points about the artist and song and include the song name and artist name. This will run randomly throughout the day as long as your subscription is valid.

c.) Regardless of the Rotation you choose your song will also be promoted on
twitter via @ElectMusicCafe. Please retweet as much as possible.

d.) Your song will also be announced to 30+ FaceBook groups and via 5+ Twitter IDs totalling 35,000+ followers with the ability to generate over 100,000 impressions prior to its debut!

Again, thanks for signing up and featuring your song with us. We will do our best to insure that your song gets the maximum amount of viral exposure to the world as possible.

SEO: Cut through the red tape and have your songs featured in any rotation you would like on the Electronic Music cafe Radio Network.

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