Live Stream

The Electronic Music Café Experience Live Stream is an innovative, cutting-edge, creative social enterprise bringing people together in the digital age! No longer does your friend or family member have to miss that important day of your life! It’s as if they are right there with you. Anyone can experience your special day via their Mobile Phone, Tablet or Computer, and can communicate via the attached Chat Room, Twitter, or FaceBook Messaging area.

How It Works
We setup a streaming Camera system at your event that streams live via computer to our main studio which then encodes (broadcasts) to our web site Attendees can Chat back and forth with Digital Guests tuning in via Live Stream and can even leave a Monitoring system (screen or Video Monitor).

There are three packages you can chose from:

Basic package: 1 Camera streams with a Wide Angle view of the entire room. This is perfect if you want to provide a general view to your viewers without close ups.

Ultimate Package: 2 Cameras which allow for one to zoom in close-up on any of the various components of the event such as Cake Cutting, Garter Removal, 1st Dance and more…This is viewed by the Digital Viewers as a Picture in Picture allowing both cameras to be viewed simultaneously at all times.

Bridezilla Package: This package is for the control freak, who has to make sure that not one second of the fabulous event is missed by anyone. It comes with 3 cameras which can be setup to stream and be switched for different views at all times. You also have the option to broadcast any videos or pictures directly as well. Your Digital Viewers will not miss a thing!



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