House Music…The Real Story

Jesse Saunders’ story is one of the most important in the history of popular culture. From his hometown of Chicago, Jesse created the first original House music record and launched the House music movement across the land.

Eventually, his style of music would come to sell millions of records and CDs, take over the popular consciousness of millions of kids across the earth and cement the electronic revolution in music.

Written with author James Cummins, this autobiography tells the story of how it all happened. From the streets of Chicago to the biggest music labels in Los Angeles, California, it follows Jesse Saunders as he recreates the musical landscape of America.

Touching on the celebrity culture of the 1980s and ’90s and into the twenty-first century, you will read many shocking things about some of your favorite artists. Jesse Saunders is an artist whose influence on modern music will never be forgotten.

Often people ask me just the plain, blunt question: ‘What is House?’ Musically, House Music is the four on the floor — a relentless beat that keeps the mood flowing, whether fast-paced, vocal, grooving or synthetic, it provides a unique feeling of repitition that gets into your mind, body and soul.

Non-musically, House music is a feeling. It’s a euphoric feeling that was best alluded to by a Hip Hop group named Lost Boyz that called their first album Legal Drug Money — it is a drug in itself. It keeps you going; it is a high that you don’t come down from until the music stops. It takes you places and to new heights away from your everyday mundane life.

Anything is possible when you’re engulfed in the feeling. Some people have been taking the drug ecstasy while listening to the music to take that feeling to new heights — they wanted to extend it as much as possible — but it was never necessary.

By Jesse Saunders & James Cummins.
Preview of House Music… The Real Story


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