Another passion of Electronic Music Cafe is to pay it forward. As a result they established the Music & Arts Society,  a 501(c)3 organization.

Music & Arts Society

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to preserve the historical and artistic foundation of today’s pop music known as, electronic music; which has its roots in the prolific genres of yesterday (i.e. blues, jazz, rock & roll, new wave and disco. ) This supports the greater community by teaching the youth how to navigate the music and art industry through creative, educational and practical programs.


CURRENT PROGRAMS available for your school, center or city:

ART of the DJ: A cultural enrichment program that uses DJ techniques, music & art appreciation and exposure to various aspects of production to inspire self-expression, discovery and empowerment. This is a fully self-contained program.

SPIN … EVOLUTION of the DJ EXHIBIT: A riveting exhibit depicting the pioneers, innovators and innovations of DJ culture from Ancient Egypt to the modern Superstar DJ. This is a fully self-contained program.

BROADCAST 101: Set up your school, organization, business or government with your own radio station and learn all that is necessary to program it and run create your own shows!

DESIGNING YOUR RESUME: Don’t just write your resume, design it. Creatively stand out in this competitive market, think outside the box!


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