About EMC

Welcome to the Electronic Music Cafe, serving music with soul!
… a global community of creativity and inspiration connected thru social networks.

Did YOU KNOW that today virtually ALL music is electronic? Modern music is amplified, engineered, broadcast and otherwise manipulated electronically in order to reach the masses. We are here to give you a taste of infinite choices. We invite you to open your mind and sample  ALL that the Electronic Music Café has to offer.

The goal of the Electronic Music Cafe is to become the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) version of the Hard Rock Cafe! With delectable cuisine, creative libations and live DJs spinning the music that defines the 21st century the Electronic Music Cafe will be the business that defines what’s trendy and exciting!

If you have an appetite for great music, talk shows that actually provoke thought, and an entire feast of creative programming? The Electronic Music Café is here to satiate even the most finicky palates.

Everyone knows that the Electronic Music Café has been bringing you the best HOUSE MUSIC in the world with live DJs, sick mixes AND the Originator of house music, Jesse Saunders.  What is less known is our passion to help all like minds express their passion. Since we first opened our doors bands, producers, record labels, artists and many other creative souls approached us about supporting their dreams. In response, we partnered with some progressive companies and individuals that allows us to facilitate your dreams worldwide!

Established by Jesse Saunders (Originator of House Music, producer, speaker, author and visionary) and Evie Thompson (artist, writer, designer, speaker and visionary), the Electronic Music Cafe originally opened its doors to inspire creativity. The journey took them from Main Street to the Arts Factory and finally to the boundless world of the internet!

Check out…

  • Make money
  • Control all your content
  • World-wide reach



  • Attend your favorite events without leaving your living room

  • See views you’d never see if you were there in person

  • Invite all your friends & have a party with us


Jesse & Evie established the Music & Arts Society to educate the world about DJ culture and art as it pertains to their professions. Music & Arts Society programs include


  • The ART of the DJ – teaching the art of DJing and digital art

  • SPIN…Evolution of the DJ (an exhibit featuring pioneers, innovators and innovations of DJ culture)

  • BROADCASTING 101 (how to start, operate and program your own radio station)








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